Senior Product Development Professional

The Senior Product Development Professional conducts fundamental or applied research which requires knowledge of a number of disciplines to improve, or generate new; products, components, equipment, systems, and processes. The Senior Product Development Professional work assignments involve moderately complex to complex issues where the analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors.
The Senior Product Development Professional plans, designs, and conducts complex research projects using existing or new scientific methods and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new, products, components, equipment, systems, and processes. Devises research methods; sets-up laboratory test equipment; builds models and prototypes; calculates and analyzes test results and prepares detailed reports with recommendations and conclusions. Estimates the costs, resources, and time required to conduct one or more research projects and monitor the performance of these projects to ensure targets are met. Prepares complex calculations, specifications, and other technical documentation so that prototype designs can be manufactured and assembled. Develops and maintains technical expertise on advances and innovations in research and science. Begins to influence department's strategy. Makes decisions on moderately complex to complex issues regarding technical approach for project components, and work is performed without direction. Exercises considerable latitude in determining objectives and approaches to assignments.
This Senior Product Development Professional adds value to our Healthcare Trends organization. You'll work throughout the enterprise to bring to life remote monitoring products to extend clinical services to our members' homes.
Required Qualifications
Experience leading large and complex projects/products in a matrixed environment
Experience in supporting innovation and/or product design/development organizations
Ability to, experience driving complex processes through implementation
Typically requires Bachelor's degree or equivalent and 5+ years of technical experience
Preferred Qualifications
Experience in Healthcare Industry
Experience with Remote Monitoring
Additional Information
Scheduled Weekly Hours

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